Trending Hospital Pharmacy Challenges from HCP Spring 2018

Posted on May 09, 2018

Highlights about Our Time at the Event

In case you missed it, the HCP Spring 2018 Hospital Pharmacy Conference kicked off in Atlanta, GA last week – April 30 – May 2, 2018. Our Safecor Health team participated in the Reverse EXPO and accredited educational sessions. Hearing from other hospital pharmacy directors provided valuable insight on trending topics and challenges in the industry.

Attending the conference gave us the opportunity to network with peers, hear from clients, and share some of the recent investments we’ve made to provide new solutions and faster turn-around time. It was an experience we will never forget!

Working in the industry as a provider, we understand that the health care environment is changing and we are uniquely positioned to assist our valued customers. At Safecor Health, we see pharmacy staffs struggling with tight budgets and limited resources. We work to help optimize operations by providing unit-dose repackaging services.

Trending Challenges

While we were at HCP, we noticed some topics raised by DOPs were labor shortages, cost savings, and getting prepared for USP <800> and the FDA restricting expiration dating. Most were unsure how to make the most of a limited staff while also saving on costs. Becoming compliant and getting prepared for USP <800> is difficult because many have to implement new processes. On top of that, the upcoming FDA guidelines are changing – suggesting six months dating in the absence of a risk-based approach to stability studies.

How We Can Help

At Safecor Health, we have solutions available on how to address these issues — like our free eBook that explains how to optimize pharmacy operations and make the most of a limited staff. Additionally, we have a cost savings analysis tool that evaluates your purchasing data to determine how much you will save annually by implementing unit-dose repackaging. We also have articles available on becoming compliant and getting prepared for USP <800> and a checklist to help you determine if your hospital pharmacy would comply with upcoming FDA guidelines.

Thanks for Connecting with Us

If you attended the event, a huge shout out to those of you that connected with us and learned more about Safecor Health. Our team enjoyed connecting with you and other hospital pharmacy directors facing the same challenges.

Dealing with a changing health care environment, it’s important we work together to optimize pharmacy operations. If we didn’t get a chance to talk with you, we welcome the opportunity to catch up and discuss how Safecor Health can help your institutional pharmacy develop a comprehensive unit-dose strategy. Contact us today!